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"Woomera" by Melbourne Band Pinch Points

Music Video Directed and Animated by Lucy Davidson

Premiered at The Fantastic Film Festival  Australia - April 2022

Won Best Musical Interpretation
at The Fantastic Film Festival Australia 

Inspired by the conspiracy theories in Woomera (a town in south Australia) around supposed UFO sightings and strange cloud formations by the community in the 1950s. I turned the band members in to juke box heads that act like planets and float around space with junk ideas passing by, getting mixed up and spat out. I Incorporated the foil hat conspiracy symbolism into the animation of stars.


I developed and experimented with the mixed media style, using a paper scanner to blur newspaper cut-out imagery. To get the band members faces to sing in stop-motion I did a photo shoot with them, capturing their facial expression/mouth shapes doing every alphabet letter.

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