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an exhibition of stop motion animation featuring the work of four women artists. The medium is utilised as a form of visual storytelling, through video, editing, sculpture, illustration, lighting design, as well as character and set construction. Artists Matilda Berger, Lucy Davidson, Amy Manson, and Kate Isobel Scott showcase the "behind the scenes" aspects of stop motion, adapting it for a group and silent cinema setting.

Their exhibition combines screen and sculpture, featuring intricate miniature sets and models to add another dimension to viewing. The process of creating the works themselves is an exercise in patience - a labour of love. Constant building, mounting, shifting, repeating, and manipulating of two and three-dimensional elements create the enchanting effect of stop-motion animation.

a playful new work by Lucy Davidson that combines her stop motion animation and a miniature sculptural photocopier. Lucy has hand-made the space-age style machine to create a unique viewing platform for the work. Using similar materials as the animation – aluminium foil, paper cutouts, and collage techniques, Lucy’s stop motion animation is inspired by the paper cutout style of Terry Gilliam.


Music Video Description: A music video for local band ‘Pinch Points’, the heads of members Jordan, Acacia, Isabella and Adam are free-floating in space (as planets) surrounded by countless and unrelated worldly objects (space junk ideas).


Lucy’s animation premiered at The Fantastic Film Festival in Melbourne 2022 where it was awarded Best Musical Interpretation

The Co-py ConspiratorExhibition dates: 10–22 June 2023Missing Person Gallery CBD Melbourne

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